TV Series Review: The Protector (2018- )

protector2I powered through this show. I didn’t like the first 10 minutes of this show but I didn’t close stop. To be honest, the actor in this show is not good at all. It’s probably the dubbing but I’m guessing it’s not the dubbing, he’s just not good. But Istanbul is so beautiful that’s why I powered through. Continue reading

TV Series Review: Ghost Wars (2017-2018)

ghost-warsOk so right off the bat, I’d want to say that I have a massive crush on Avan Jogia so this review will be super biased coz I adore him so much!

I loved Ghost Wars. It has everything that I love on a show: bloodshed, gore, paranormal, tiny towns, and of course, Avan. Continue reading

TV Series Review: Touch (2012-2013)

touchI ┬ádidn’t really know what this series was about when I watched it in Netflix. I knew I’d love it when I first saw the patterns in the intro video.

Touch is about an 11 year old boy who has Autism/Mutism. He sees things as patterns. He sees the connection of events and people. He writes numbers. He doesn’t talk, he writes numbers to communicate, to communicate to his father. Continue reading