Movie Review: Hunter Killer (2018)

hunter killer

I loved this movie! It has the best of both worlds, action on land and action in water. Loved the whole movie! Every minute was intense. I came across this movie coz I’ve been binge watching Gerard Butler’s movies like London, Olympus and Angel has fallen. Continue reading

Movie Review: Bangalore Days (2014)

bangalore DaysI loved this movie. It’s light and fun. The director is a woman so that’s cool. Great storyline. Perfect casting. I think this is one of the many Malayalam movies I’ve seen where I thought that the whole cast really pulled their weight and gave the movie as much realness as possible. Continue reading

Movie Review: Saving Zoe

220px-Saving_Zoë I honestly liked this movie. I thought it will be sad and boring but it made me keep watching. I thought I had the storyline figured out but I was only half right. I kinda felt like there was more to it and it definitely was something scandalous. So yeah I liked this video. Some of the acting were not as good but these sisters were on point.

Continue reading