TV Series Review: Cuckoo (2012-2019)

NINTCHDBPICT000425122678Cuckoo is a super funny show! It’s quite underrated and it wasn’t really on my radar until I saw it in a list in Netflix as something I’d be interested to watch. The show has changed its lead characters so often that I don’t even know what poster to use for this blow. But yeah it’s still a solid show so it’s fine.

I don’t usually like UK comedy series coz they have this different kind of humour. I loved The IT Crowd but after that I didn’t really like anything I tried so far. But this one takes the cake! I laughed out loud so many times! My favorite parts are whenever Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale had their funny bits. They are hilarious!

Adam Samberg was perfect as always. I grew to like Taylor Lautner on this show. The guy that played Steve Chance was too funny and irritating at the same time…it’s crazy! I loved it! It’s just funny that in season 5 they just dropped Taylor Lautner and didn’t even think of anything creative to actually explain it. It’s like they got bored and said meh, just tell people he’s gone. I loved all 4 season, and was disappointed at the last season (season 5).

But yeah, it’s so worth watching! It’s so funny! I highly recommend it!

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