TV Series Review: Derry Girls (2018- )

Derry Girls Derry Girls is probably the funniest teen show in Netflix right now. I mean honestly, it’s probably the only funny teen show there is coz all the American teen shows are just sexy, trying to be mysterious or just trying to be funny but doesn’t really cut it.

I love how it’s not politically correct. It’s outrageous and hilarious. And to be completely honest, I love hearing Irish accent. It’s my favorite! I love how they refer to everything as “wee” or little even if things are not small haha! I love how weird James is connecting with lads. I love how weird Orla is. I love how uptight Clare is. I love how aggressive Michelle is. I love how Erin tries hard to get guys it’s too real! I love everything about it!

It’s funny and authentic. I’d hope everybody will watch it!

Still waiting for the season 4….can’t wait!!!


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