TV Series Review: Dark (2017-2020)

Dark TV SeriesOk, this series is so good and so confusing at the same time. So yeah to be honest, I re-watched parts of this series lots of times coz it’s either I was texting or typing. Do not watch this is you plan to multi-task coz it wouldn’t work! Seriously, it needed my full attention coz there are so many details, twists and turns in every episode. It’s like a massive puzzle and if you bat an eye and lose focus, you’ll totally lose a connection or two between the characters. lol!

Watching this series is an investment in time and concentration but it is truly satisfying.

I loved how they laid the story down. I love how the cast was perfectly selected. I don’t know any of the actors in this series but they are all so good and truly talented! I’m so happy that with Netflix, we’re able to watch these European series because the aesthetics and the storytelling of this show is amazing!

I have so many questions but my main question is, how did Claudia know about the 3rd dimension. Everything was a loop but there was no mention of the 3rd dimension in any of the first 2 seasons. Season 3 was like a season where they untied all the entanglements in the past seasons. I like how they did things in season 3.

I highly recommend everyone watch this series. And I thank Netflix for the audio translations in English! I am truly grateful for Netflix and Amazon for being amazing!

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