Movie Review: Bangalore Days (2014)

bangalore DaysI loved this movie. It’s light and fun. The director is a woman so that’s cool. Great storyline. Perfect casting. I think this is one of the many Malayalam movies I’ve seen where I thought that the whole cast really pulled their weight and gave the movie as much realness as possible.

So the whole movie revolved between 3 cousins; Divya, Kuttan and Arjun. They are all from Kerala but they dreamed of living in Bangalore. They are really close. The story starts when Divya gets married to Das.

I loved Divya. Gosh she’s so beautiful, her smile can light up the whole movie lol. I loved her acting. I felt her hurt. Honestly, I usually irk at usual Indian customs especially when it comes to people’s expectations on women. But this movie was light and it didn’t bother me that much. I loved Divya, she’s awesome!

Kuttan, is the cute traditional Malayali who wants to find a nice traditional Malayali girl to marry. He’s the nice one, the straight shooter. But he’s funny. I liked watching him.

And of course Arjun, the hot and handsome one. Gosh this guy has so much charisma! This is the 3rd movie of him that I watched and he never disappoints. Arjun is a fruit of a bad marriage. He has this longing to be seen differently.

And finally, Das, Divya’s husband. This guy is amazing! I watched Kumbalangi Nights the night before I watched this movie and his character was so different! This guy should win an award! Such a great actor!

I highly recommend this movie! It’s such a gem! One of the best Malayalam movies I’ve seen so far! 🙂

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