Movie Review: Mersal (2017)


OK so this movie is an awesome movie! Probably on of my favs Tamil movies to date! I’ve watched maybe 2 movies of Vijay, he makes nice movies, but this one is my favorite. Now I know why this guy is one of the most popular Tamil actors.

I loved this movie. I didn’t really know what this was about so I was surprised with all the twists and turns. First of all, the story is great! It’s very timely. I do agree about the whole narrative of the story. Healthcare as a business is never ok. This is why I think the government should step in when it comes to healthcare. We pay taxes, the government should take care of at least our healthcare. I can truly relate to this story coz I experienced this last year when my dad was sick. I wanted to sue the whole hospital for medical malpractice but my dad is now gone. I just want happiness for my family. But I’ll never trust specialists again!

Everybody should watch this movie. It’s awesome!

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