Movie Review: Om Shanti Om (2007)

220px-Om_Shanti_OmI LOVED THIS MOVIE! I love everything about it! This is probably the longest movie I’ve watched so far but it’s so worth every second of it! See, I have a weakness with revenge thriller movies. And this movie had it all! It’s funny, colorful, suspense, revenge and paranormal! I loved, loved it.

Quick confession, Deepika Padukone is probably the most beautiful Bollywood actress I’ve watched so far. I watched Piku and Chennai Express and she’s as beautiful as I remembered.

This movie was set in 2 timelines. The first timeline was in the 1970s. Om Prakash, a junior actor, fell in love with a superstar actress who is secretly married to a movie producer. The movie producer killed the actress after learning that she’s pregnant. This whole event was seen by Om and he died trying to save her. The moment Om died, he was immediately reincarnated thanks to the baby that was born in the same hospital right after he died. 30 years after his death and his reincarnation, he discovered the mystery of his old life. He then plotted his revenge on the movie producer so he and Shanti, the actress can have the justice they deserved.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. It’s a Hindi movie but in Netflix they have English subtitles so you can easily follow on. It’s such a good movie. Great casting. Amazing storyline. I loved it so much!

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