TV Series Review: The Protector (2018- )

protector2I powered through this show. I didn’t like the first 10 minutes of this show but I didn’t close stop. To be honest, the actor in this show is not good at all. It’s probably the dubbing but I’m guessing it’s not the dubbing, he’s just not good. But Istanbul is so beautiful that’s why I powered through.

This show is about the rivalry between the immortals and the protector with its loyal subjects. In the show, the immortals want Istanbul for themselves so they want to kill all mortals in it. And the protector is the only one who can stop the immortals from destroying Istanbul. The main character in this show is a man who grew up in the streets of Istanbul. All he wanted was to be an antique trader. Little did he know, he was the last protector after the immortals killed his whole family.

I liked the casting except for the main character. The setting is beautiful. The storyline is ok but the execution was weak. It lacked fight scenes which was the reason I watched it. The main character was whining the whole time which is not good writing on the part of the writer. It was honestly an ok show if you have this on the background and you are doing other important stuff.

So yeah, you don’t need to watch this show. But if you’re curious, please do. I finished 2 seasons and I think season 3 is coming up next year. I’ll probably watch it coz why not! lol

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