TV Series Review: Ghost Wars (2017-2018)

ghost-warsOk so right off the bat, I’d want to say that I have a massive crush on Avan Jogia so this review will be super biased coz I adore him so much!

I loved Ghost Wars. It has everything that I love on a show: bloodshed, gore, paranormal, tiny towns, and of course, Avan.

This show is about a small town being outran by ghost after a massive energy burst caused by an accelerator that went out of control. This caused a rift between the town and the land of the afterlife. Avan, my boy, is the main character in this show. He is the town freak. He can see and communicate with ghosts. After the earthquake caused by the accelerator, the town changed. Souls weren’t able to cross to the afterlife and was stuck in the town. This made the ghosts angry so they started putting hallucinations on people which killed a lot more townies. Avan was the only one who is not affected by these hallucinations.

Honestly, I’m so easy to please, you’ll know if you read my blog posts. I liked this show and I’m sad that this got cancelled coz I’d love to know what will happen next when they get out of the town with the artifacts and a ghost in someone else’s body.

This show is not for everybody. If you are not comfortable with gore, I suggest not to watch it. It has mild gore but I don’t think it’s suitable for everyone especially kids.

But yeah, good casting. Loved the cast and the setting. The story line could’ve been better but it’s a fine show.

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