TV Series Review: Touch (2012-2013)

touchI  didn’t really know what this series was about when I watched it in Netflix. I knew I’d love it when I first saw the patterns in the intro video.

Touch is about an 11 year old boy who has Autism/Mutism. He sees things as patterns. He sees the connection of events and people. He writes numbers. He doesn’t talk, he writes numbers to communicate, to communicate to his father.

This series is touching for me. See, I have an Autistic brother. He’s highly functioning and is super talkative unlike Jake (the main kid in this show). He does house chores. Whenever he fills up a form, he puts “Housekeeper” as his occupation. Which totally makes sense but super funny. He has a daily routine. Every day he cleans the house. He washes and irons everyone’s clothes three times a week. We are so lucky to have him and we love him so much!

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