3 Reasons why Apple’s iPhone sucks and is on the brink of DEATH!

I’ve been an iPhone user for 7 years now. I got my first iPhone was a 2nd hand iPhone 3 back in 2010. It was my first ever smartphone. Before that I had a Nokia phone.

I remembered thinking how awesome it was. I always tell people that the creators of this phone are geniuses. When iPhone 4 was released, I got it maybe 6 months after its release and it was way better than iPhone 3. It was thinner and the camera was better. Then, I got an iPhone 5. It looked more sophisticated with the thumbprint lock and other stuff. I loved it.

My current phone is an iPhone 6. I had it since February 2015 which is about 2 years ago. I was so happy when my boyfriend bought it for me. I like traveling and I use my iPhone to take photos. I didn’t bother to get the iPhone 7 because my friends told me that it’s basically the same. They said it was shit so I stuck with my iPhone 6.

About a month ago, me and my friends went to Finland to chase the Northern lights. I had my GoPro and iPhone with me. One of my friends had a Samsung S7. The whole trip I was amazed of how vivid and clear her photos were. I was super impressed. When we were in the wilderness and were waiting for the clouds to clear so we can see the Northern lights, I was taking night photos with my iPhone. It was awful. My phone can’t capture anything. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Then after some time, the sky cleared and we started to take photos to see if the Auroras were there. And there was, the Samsung phone got it. So I prepped my GoPro and set it up to night mode and remotely controlled it via my iPhone since it was fuckin’ useless at that point. My friend got the most awesome photos with her Samsung. Her photos were vivid and just fuckin’ amazing! I was so lucky I had my GoPro with me so I had really nice wide shot photos. Thank God for GoPro!

As an iPhone loyalist…well honestly, I’m just waiting for iPhone 8 to launch and I’m gonna see what it’s like and if it’s still the same shit, then I’m definitely switching to maybe Samsung S8. So again, as a “iPhone” loyalist, I want to give Apple a piece of my mind on what makes iPhone a bit shitty now. I would hate to see iPhone go down the drain like Nokia and Blackberry so yeah here you go.

#1 iPhone’s camera doesn’t have manual settings!

I mean fuckin’ seriously!!! Even Nokia Lumia can capture the Northern lights coz its camera has manual settings! I think every smartphone has it EXCEPT for iPhone. How fucked up is that?! A lot of the kids now are smarter, they like techy stuff and what not. But us, millenials, we like to travel. We are the #YOLO generation. We value our choices. We have the means to buy stuff but we always choose the most practical choice. I think that’s why a lot of people switched to Samsung and other Android phones coz when people travel, it’s just way easier to just have your phone as a phone and a camera. So yeah, Apple, you better up your camera game or you’re super doomed…for sure!

#2 iPhone’s battery life sucks the life out of me!

I can’t believe that humankind was able to go to the Moon and back, no biggie! But Apple still hasn’t figured out how to make its battery life for at least 8 fuckin’ hours! I use 3G and WiFi 100% of the time and to continue doing that, I need to charge my phone 3 fuckin’ times! Yes, 3 TIMES every single day! How sick is that?! And it fuckin’ shuts down after 5 mins in -10 degrees Celsuis! I can even withstand -10 degrees Celsuis with just my flipflops and T-shirt on  but my iPhone can’t! This is horse shit! Seriously?!? Did Apple build this phone for Tropical countries?! So yeah, I really hope you resolve this battery issue or you’re doomed, Apple. Samsung even has wireless charging! Did you fire your R&D people? I mean really???

#3 iPhone has nothing new in the pipeline…nothing revolutionary.

I have an iPhone 6. I’ve had it for more than 2 years now. And I just wanted an iPhone 6 because of the thumbprint lock…that’s it. Quite honestly, the way I use my iPhone 5 is the same way I use my iPhone 6. Unlike when I first got my iPhone 5. It was great. The bottom line of what I meant to say is…I miss the innovative Apple that it once was. Just today, Apple announced their “New” updates for the iPhone 7. And quite honestly, it’s pathetic. They released a red iPhone 7! Like what the fuck! We’re not kids who will go running back to your arms just coz you released a nicer colored phone! Also, the sizes! What’s with the bigger phone and a smaller phone with the same fuckin’ thing! I mean it’s literally the same thing except for the screen and phone size. Seriously, it’s sad.

I hope the rise of the Android phones give fire to Apple’s ego and go on a revenge innovative outburst! I’m so looking forward to this.

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