TV Series Review: House M.D. (2004-2012)


I binge watched House for about 2 months. It has 8 seasons and almost all of its seasons has over 20 episodes (except for season 4 with 16 episodes). Yeah it sounds like I’m a loser coz that’s 177 episodes that runs for about 45 minutes each episode which is 132.75 hours (5.5 full days). 

House M.D. is a tv series about a genius diagnostician named Gregory House. He’s a genius and he’s lonely, heck he’s one sad man that is in so much pain. I have to say that Hugh Laurie was amazing! I love how he’s full of sarcasm and metaphors which makes the show more enjoyable.

The show has perfect casting! Great actors! Dr. Chase, Dr. Taub, Dr. Kutner, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Remy are my fav characters (aside from House of course). Even the hookers were perfectly casted. They were awesome! I loved a lot of the actors and the cameos there made it really big in their career.

I don’t like medical shows. But I love insane geniuses. I like watching intelligent men talk on tv as if it’s their own intellect talking. You read it right…I like tv shows with male protagonists like House, Dexter, Sherlock Holmes, Mad Men, Suits, Prison Break, and Breaking Bad.

I love House. And right now, I’m having an internal struggle. Do I like House better than Dexter? I mean I love them both but I think I’m more fascinated by House than Dexter. Not to mention that House had a better ending than the crappy ending that Dexter had. Well it doesn’t matter now. I’ve finished both series so once again I need to go on a tv series detox for about a week and watch all the new movies that Netflix added (which by the way is no much)! Add some more movies in Netflix Singapore please!

Best thing you’ll learn in the show is that “Everybody Lies”.

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