TV Series Review: Misfits (2009-2013)


Misfits is probably one of my favorite tv shows ever. I like it not because of it’s cinematic prowess but because it’s hilarious as hell and the story line is so damn entertaining. This show turns a very familiar plot (people having secret superpowers) and deviates from the cliché to give it an unexpected twist which is their awesome but weird superpowers. Aside from the story itself, this show has perfect casting! I love every single character in this show, except for Rudy, I fuckin’ hate that turd. It’s a shame that Nathan left season 3, he’s truly entertaining due to his charming arrogance and perverted ways. He blurts out most of the funniest lines in the whole show! I love Kelly and Simon, too! They’re unique and weird but are very likeable.

My favorite part of the show is whenever Kelly says “fuck off” or whenever she’s pissed off, really.

But well…quite frankly, everything she says is awesome coz she has the best accent to ever grace my iPad screen. I just fockin’ love her!

You should all watch it! You’ll be entertained for sure! 🙂

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