Fresh Meat (2011-2016)

I love Fresh Meat. It’s unbelievably appealing and comically sound. And I love it because I generally love British comedies.

It’s about a bunch of kids that are new in Uni. They found each other and became housemates. They got drunk, got high, shagged, wanked and went all crazy.

It has perfect casting. JP is a rich, annoyingly handsome twat that owns the flat. Vod is hot, spunky, very cool, super chill and sexy in a very aggressive way. Josie is terribly annoying and shags the life out of JP every time she gets pissed drunk.  Howard is the complete epitome of an awkward geek who looks like he can be 35 but actually still in uni. Oregon is an overachiever and a pain, she’s like an alpha without the smarts, oh and she’s super ambitious. Kingsley, well I almost forgot to write him down, it’s probably best to describe him as the weakest character in the whole series. I mean I don’t like him, he’s totally forgettable which isn’t good  if you’re in a comedy.

Fresh Meat is quite relatable. I like it. It’s charming. The characters are diverse. Some I love like JP, Vod and Howard. And others I hate immensely like Kingsley, effin’ Josie and Oregon.

I like the content. The humor can be a bit dark but oftentimes very realistic, like a punch in the face. It tackled quite a lot of issues in connection to being young, about-to-finish-Uni, penniless, and always drunk.


In my 4th year in Uni, I panicked. I was in the Accountancy program for 3 years. In my 4th year, I realized that I’m incapable of being an accountant coz I suck in Math, I don’t read, and I am incapable of memorizing formulas. I shifted to Finance degree which was fuckin’ brilliant because I didn’t need to do an additional year coz it had almost all the same courses as Accountancy. I graduated in time. Looked for a job 2 months before graduation and got the job a month before graduation. All because I was so afraid of unemployment or underemployment.

So I think this is basically the reason why I liked this series, coz it’s somehow my reality. Of course I’m not from England so a lot of the cultural stuff doesn’t apply to me but yeah fun, fun, fun!

So yeah, I highly recommend it!

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