5 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Grace Poe

I will not vote for Grace Poe-Llamanzares. Having her in the same stage as MDS is already a privilege for her, giving her the seat is too much. Here are my reasons why.

#1 Her “ipapagpatuloy ko ang nasimulan ng aking ama” tagline irritates me.

Her battle cry is that she’ll continue her father’s legacy which is entertainment and not public service. Just to remind everybody, FPJ’s public office bid never materialized. So it’s so irritating to hear Grace’s ads on the radio with her “ipapagpatuloy ko ang nasimulan ng aking ama” tagline.

#2 She renounced her Filipino citizenship and reacquired it when it was convenient for her.

Being a permanent resident in the US, you virtually have the same rights and capabilities as US citizens like set-up a business, buy properties, pay US taxes, go to US public schools, get a job and etc. The fact that she renounced her citizenship means that she wanted to be an AMERICAN. And this is my problem with her. It’s easy to say that you love your country and all but actions speak louder than words.

She puked and shat on our constitution just so she can run for office. She violated our constitution which is supposedly above all executors and should be without exemption. She did all these even before even getting the seat so what makes you think she’ll abide to our constitution when she wins?

poe american.jpg

#3 She’s backed by really shady people.

Her supporters are very shady people like Erap (convicted Plunderer), Revilla clan (with their head of the family currently detained for Plunder), and Danding Cojuanco (a Marcos crony).

#4 She’s super ambitious and incompetent.

She barely finished her full tenure as a Senator which by the way is her first job in public office. She is arrogant enough to think she can do better than more experienced people running for office now.

#5 She’s a liar.

In an interview with DZMM on November 6, she said that his husband will renounce his US citizenship. And in the April 24 debate, she said that his husband already renounced his US Citizenship. On April 25, photos surfaced on Rappler with Llamanzares submitting an affidavit of renunciation of allegiance to the US and renunciation of American citizenship dated April 7th in front of a barangay captain in Greenhills. So basically he renounced his citizenship in front of a non-official office which is freaking useless! This is a complete joke! If he really wanted to renounce his US citizenship, he should’ve done it in a US Consulate!

I’m still contemplating on who I will vote for. I’m leaning towards two candidates but yeah I haven’t decided yet. What I’m certain about is that I won’t vote for both Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero.

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