Why politics is more fun in the Philippines

Philippine politics is quite interesting. It’s like an orgy in a Cirque du Soleil show. Every election season is like a freak show. Here are some interesting reasons why…

  • Manny Pacquiao, the greatest boxer of all time, is running for a seat in the senate! It’s either he’s bored or he has so much money that he needed to burn some. Oh and he plans to run for President in 6 years! I’d rather have Donald Drumpf as President that’s for sure!
  • We CURRENTLY have a senator that has been a 20-year intern to her douchebag, corrupt father who’s currently our Vice-President! Beat that! lol
  • Our current President was elected because his mother died of cancer. He won because of pity and people were hopeless and wanted to elect a “lesser evil”. Oh and by the way, his mother was also an ex-president who ran for office to avenge her husband.
  • Our plunderer ex-President, Joseph Ejercito-Estrada, is now Mayor of Manila, Philippines’ capital city! Yeah, it sounds crazy but it’s so fuckin’ true! And just to be clear, he’s a CONVICTED plunderer! Fun, fun, fun!

Do you want to be entertained? Watch this! PS. She’s running for a seat on the senate! Good lord, help the Philippines! The sad part is, she might actually win!

I don’t really blame these airheads for running for public office. I mean if you’re a popular celebrity (even if you’re not popular anymore), filthy rich or a sweet-talker who’s relatively good-looking then you’re definitely fit for Philippine politics. It’s just sad to think that we, the Filipino people, hate ourselves as a whole that we let these douchebags run for office and win. We hate ourselves too much that we always let our own countrymen fuck us over and over.

We are not dumb. Or maybe we are. I just don’t understand why we are this way. My mind spins whenever I hear the phrase “lesser evil”! It drives me nuts! It’s like choosing kill or rape…do what ever you please as long as you pick the “lesser evil”. It’s totally mind-blowing.

I love my country. I believe in my people. We’re smart and resilient. We’re a dying country. Dying of a slow death. Slow death caused by it’s own people. It’s amazing how embedded this disease is to our system. I don’t know if it’ll be better ever…but I truly hope so.

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