Movie Review: Stranger Than Fiction (2006)


Finished this movie about 3 hours ago and I fell in love with it. I like Will Ferrell’s movies but I’m not too fond of him so I parked this movie for year until finally, I was not in the mood to watch action movies so I looked for a comedy movie. Like what I’ve established in my previous blog post…I’m a movie addict.

So basically I’ve watched almost all the comedy movies in PopcornTime. I saw this movie and told myself that yeah it’s time to take this movie out of the garage. I chose it and watched it.

It’s light. It’s interesting. It’s funny without trying to be funny. The script is simple but perfectly charming. I love Emma Thompson. I honestly didn’t know her before this movie but I’m now a fan. She’s effortlessly brilliant in this movie. Oh and I especially love her in that rain scene. There is something awesome about her that I cannot point out but yeah she’s perfect in this movie.

I’ve never been fond of Maggie Gyllenhaal. I find her awkward. I think it would have been better if her role was portrayed by someone else.

The Will Ferrell/Maggie Gyllenhaal love affair didn’t work for me. I guess it became ok coz the script was really good that their lack of chemistry didn’t matter much.

Overall, I loved this movie! I highly recommend everyone to watch it! Don’t be fooled by the unimpressive movie poster! It’s a great movie!

I give this movie 8/10. ❤❤❤

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