My Top 10 Gay Movies From The 2000’s

So I have this obsession with gay people and gay movies. I don’t know why. I just think they’re interesting. Today was a slow day. It’s Saturday but I don’t have anything to do nor anywhere to go. So I’m doing a gay hollywood movie marathon without a popcorn. I have to admit that i love the word “queer”. I’d totally take it than gay or homo.


I like chick flicks so this was good for me. I love the shy gay guy coz he’s kinda cute. I like the shallowness of the movie so yeah it works for me. Also, I love Sadie from Awkward so really enjoyed it. I like that it was stereotypical.

MV5BMTgxMjQ4NzE5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzkwOTkyMQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_Mysterious Skin

This was probably one of the best movies of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love the movie coz it’s depressing and made me think a bit. JGL is definitely one of this generation’s best actors.


Shortbus is like an Indie Gay Porn with a good plot. Lots of cocks and tits involved so yeah it was good. What I totally love about this movies is the soundtrack. I actually think the soundtrack overshadowed the whole movie. It’s like watching a music festival or something. The Jamies made a cute couple but I totally am in love with the gorgeous Ceth. But yeah this movie was beautifully made and this is probably one of my fav gay movies to date.

weekend Weekend

It’s about 2 hot gay guys who liked each other. The story revolves around their conversations. The movie is a little too slow for me but they’re hot especially Glenn so I gave it a shot. They’re sweet though. I like it when they talk about serious stuff. Both are good actors.

The kids are alrightThe Kids Are Alright

This movie is about a lesbian couple, their children and their sperm donor. It’s a different kind of drama coz it’s also a comedy. I don’t know why I like it but I enjoyed it. I love Annette and Julianne’s commitment to each other and to the family they built. It’s not about lesbian sex. It looks into the marriage which is quite refreshing.


Just coz he’s gay. Him being gay is enough to make this a gay movie. He’s fuckin’ hilarious! If you didn’t laugh during the course of this movie, then you must be uhhh lame or you just don’t understand English (that’s a legit reason so you’ll get a pass).

dirty girlDirty Girl

It’s not really a gay gay movie. But this drama/comedy is quite nice. I think I’m in love with Juno Temple. She’s awesome.

geography clubGeography Club

This shit made me giggle. Russell and Kevin are such great actors. Just the way they look at each other made my heart pump. This movie made me wanna be a gay dude. I just don’t understand how turning down a girl makes you gay. That was just lame.

My list is not yet done so yeah..i’ll keep you posted 😉

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