Night Festival Singapore 2012

I attended the Night Festival in Singapore last August 25 and September 1, 2012. I totally enjoyed the whole event! Everything was so pretty and the best thing about it is its FREE ADMISSION! It was my first time to visit the Singapore Museum and the Singapore Art Museum coz normally you have to pay to go in so the night festival was really cool coz it was free. Everything was great! I look forward to the next Night Festival 🙂

On this photo: Grow a Garden in the Dark, Reactive Wall, MIMOID II

Singapore Arts Museum

Singapore Arts Museum - Kid ArtsSINGAPORE MUSEUM
In this photo: Singpore Museum, Singapore Movie Gallery, Swinging Chandeliers, 3d Street Art

Singapore Museum

In this Photo: Fuerza Bruta by Ozono Producciones, Bloco Singapura, Scaling the Dome, LED Dragon Dance and shuffling LED Lion Dance, Bhangra Dance (MY FAVORITE)

Performing Street Art


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