Movie Review: Saving Zoe

220px-Saving_Zoë I honestly liked this movie. I thought it will be sad and boring but it made me keep watching. I thought I had the storyline figured out but I was only half right. I kinda felt like there was more to it and it definitely was something scandalous. So yeah I liked this video. Some of the acting were not as good but these sisters were on point.

When I watch movies in Netflix, I don’t usually look at the character names. I recognized the faces of the main characters but I don’t really care about the names. Say for example, the Zoe is the one from Gilmore Girls and Echo was the one in the new Cinderella movie. So yeah for this movie, I had to search for the imdb page of this movie because they look so alike but still very distinctive. They’re actual sisters! That explains everything! They’re both very beautiful and they are really good actors.

I recommend this movie for night viewing. Trigger warning: please avoid watching this movie if you have trauma or if you are anxious.

Enjoy the movie!

Movie Review: Om Shanti Om (2007)

220px-Om_Shanti_OmI LOVED THIS MOVIE! I love everything about it! This is probably the longest movie I’ve watched so far but it’s so worth every second of it! See, I have a weakness with revenge thriller movies. And this movie had it all! It’s funny, colorful, suspense, revenge and paranormal! I loved, loved it.

Quick confession, Deepika Padukone is probably the most beautiful Bollywood actress I’ve watched so far. I watched Piku and Chennai Express and she’s as beautiful as I remembered. Continue reading

TV Series Review: The Protector (2018- )

protector2I powered through this show. I didn’t like the first 10 minutes of this show but I didn’t close stop. To be honest, the actor in this show is not good at all. It’s probably the dubbing but I’m guessing it’s not the dubbing, he’s just not good. But Istanbul is so beautiful that’s why I powered through. Continue reading

TV Series Review: Touch (2012-2013)

touchI  didn’t really know what this series was about when I watched it in Netflix. I knew I’d love it when I first saw the patterns in the intro video.

Touch is about an 11 year old boy who has Autism/Mutism. He sees things as patterns. He sees the connection of events and people. He writes numbers. He doesn’t talk, he writes numbers to communicate, to communicate to his father. Continue reading

TV Series Review: Shetland (2013-2019)

shetlandI loved Shetland! I thought it’ll be boring but it was not! It started slow but you just need to stare at the sights and push through, it’ll pick up after 20 mins on the first episode. Right at this moment, Netflix has only released up to season 3 here in Australia so I can’t really say if I’ll like the whole show. Continue reading

iphone sucks

3 Reasons why Apple’s iPhone sucks and is on the brink of DEATH!

I’ve been an iPhone user for 7 years now. I got my first iPhone was a 2nd hand iPhone 3 back in 2010. It was my first ever smartphone. Before that I had a Nokia phone.

I remembered thinking how awesome it was. I always tell people that the creators of this phone are geniuses. When iPhone 4 was released, I got it maybe 6 months after its release and it was way better than iPhone 3. It was thinner and the camera was better. Then, I got an iPhone 5. It looked more sophisticated with the thumbprint lock and other stuff. I loved it. Continue reading